Sex offenses often involve Internet crimes, crimes of violence (such as sexual assault), and more traditional and illegal conduct, such as solicitation of prostitution, “date rape,” indecent exposure, and indecency with a child.State and federal officers, and even international agencies and private vigilante “watch” groups often use deceptive tactics to entice presumably innocent and ordinary law-abiding citizens to appear to use the Internet for sex related purposes with criminal intent.The consequences of a sex crime conviction are particularly harsh, indeed, catastrophic. You need a trial lawyer who is aggressive, imaginative and with a proven record of success.Every state has a sex offender registration law. Failure to register, whether there was a conviction in Texas or another state is a separate crime in every state and a federal crime as well.Clients under investigation, or charged with sex offenses are particularly reluctant to discuss their problem with their families and friends. This is where the confidentiality and discretion promised by Mallett, Saper, Berg L.L.P. is especially valuable and important.