When people think of white collar crime, they often think of high-profile criminals who have been involved in major crimes. However, white collar crime can cover a wide range of offenses, most of which deal with money and property, such as abusing federal programs for healthcare, tax collection and oil and gas regulations. Disputes between businessmen often include charges and counter charges of fraud; and well, just about anything that involves money and property can be described as a “white collar crime.”

What white collar cases have in common is that they all include the accusation that there has been some type of deceit or breach of trust, and that money or property changed hands illegally as a result. White collar crimes almost always are non-violent. However, the penalties and punishment can be severe, and accusations should be taken seriously.

In addition, when a corporation hires a criminal defense lawyer, that lawyer owes a duty to the corporation as a whole and its shareholders. Corporations that are indicted for crimes fact the “corporate death penalty” of withdrawn investment and cancellation of contracts and licenses to do business. Our attorneys sometimes must fight for a company’s very survival.

In addition, if you are accused or believe you may be implicated in a corporate criminal matter as an individual, it is important for you to have your own attorney, because the corporation’s attorney does not owe a duty to you, just, and only, to the corporation.

Our attorneys have extensive experience defending clients accused of Texas and federal white collar crimes, including the following:


Money Laundering

Theft and Embezzlement

Securities Fraud

Anti-Theft Violations

Environmental Disputes



Public Corruption

Tax Evasion and Tax Protests

Bulk Cash Smuggling

Defense Department Fraud

Foreign Corrupt Practice

Healthcare Fraud

Mail Fraud

R.I.C.O. and Organized Crime

Texas Parks and Wildlife

Aircraft Parts Fraud

Immigration Offenses

Insurance Fraud

The “procedural steps” for federal and state cases are complicated and may take months – or even years.